Where to throw the box of the Colomba?

It's not Easter without the colomba, the traditional dessert covered in icing and almonds, with a dough similar to Panettone, but shaped in the characteristic form of a dove. But how should the packaging be disposed of when even the last slice has been eaten? The packaging is made up of various materials, which need to be handled in a specific way. Let's see how to do it correctly.

External Packaging
The external packaging of the Colomba - especially that of the classic variants on sale in supermarkets - is generally made of cardboard: like all cellulose-based food packaging (obviously without pieces of colomba) it should be thrown in the appropriate paper bin. Before disposing of the box, it is also important to remove any non-cellulosic parts such as the handle, which is not recyclable and goes in the unsorted waste. The packaging of the Colomba can also be made of non-cellulosic material. In this case, the instructions to follow for disposal will depend on the material the packaging is made of. If it's plastic, for example, it will naturally be recycled in the plastic collection.

Transparent Plastic Inner Bag
The inner wrap inside the box that wraps the Colomba, in transparent plastic, is indeed a plastic wrapper and as such should be destined in the container for plastic collection, taking care to remove any residues of the dessert stuck to the bag first. The cord or ribbon used to close the bag should be disposed of in the unsorted waste collection, but it can always be useful at home, so why not keep it for reuse when needed?

Non-stick Paper Mold in Contact with the Colomba
The non-stick paper mold that adheres to the perimeter of the Colomba should be disposed of

  • in the organic bin, if it has food residues and is certified compostable
  • in the unsorted waste container, if it is not compostable
  • in the appropriate paper bin if without pieces of Colomba like all cellulose-based food packaging
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