Paper and Board Collection, Recycling, and Recovery in Italy in 2017

Separate paper and board collection, like all human activities, can be constantly improved, as shown by the 2017 trend: with almost 3.3 million tons of paper and board collected separately and recycled, thus avoiding disposal, a 1.6% increase was recorded, i.e. over 50thousand tons more compared to 2016. It is as if the entire province of Treviso, a model of waste management efficiency, had doubled its waste paper and board collection.

The South accounts for over three-quarters of the increase (+6.1%); the rest is attributable to the Centre (+1.6), while the North records substantially unchanged results, probably due to the market of paper for recovery – particularly cardboard – which drew flows of materials away from the activity of municipal administrations.

23rd edition of the annual report is available.  
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