Sustainability At Stake: The Best Examples Of Italian And International Green Packaging From Comieco

Innovative and sustainable packaging allows to avoid up to 981 tons of waste a year. The best examples of packaging from Italy and the world online in the Comieco website

The extent to which innovative packaging can influence waste disposal and how much it allows to save is unveiled by Comieco, the Consortium for paper and board packaging recovery and recycling, with the launch of “Best Pack,” the data base of “smart” paper. Available to the general public and to companies, it gathers information on the packaging awarded for sustainability at national and international level. The project is intended to highlight the potential saving in terms of costs and resources that can be achieved from packaging, and from the products it contains, through the dissemination of new products, new materials, and new practices. Data, figures, information, curios, and images finally together in a single online gallery available in the websites of the Consortium (http://www.comieco.org) and of the Paper and Board Club, a project of Comieco aimed at the business users of packaging, offered as a source of aggregation, information, and training to promote paper and board innovation and sustainability (http://www.clubcartaecartoni.org).

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