The other face of recovered paper

Packaging, newspapers and magazines, hygienic-health items: these are the products the public at large knows to be made with recycled paper and board.
But that is not true. The book you are going to look at will give you an overview of more than one-hundred unusual product types, made of recycled paper and board: from dishes to jewels, from furniture to art works, some of which offer a detailed representation of transportation means, such as the old Fiat 500.
These products are environment friendly, light, pass through our life without polluting and bringing along the Italian creativity and taste.
They are - in short - sustainable. And the Italians like them: a survey carried out by Astra on behalf of Comieco highlighted that almost the whole sample is positive and reassured about the fact that new household items made of recycled paper and board (tables, chairs, lamps, bookcases, etc.) are created by young designers and, in particular,
are Italian products, since ‘made in Italy’ is considered as a synonym for quality assurance. The challenge we are now facing is how the national distribution network is going to respond to this “green” open-mindedness of consumers.
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