The Other Side of Paper for Recycling toys and furniture for kids

The other side of paper for recycling offers a new entry: a review of toys and kids’ furniture created after observing what is going on both in Italy and abroad.i t is not, and is not meant to be exhaustive. It is just a well-meditated and selected review based on our tastes and our knowledge, and packed with products made of recycled and non-recycled paper and board.
They are all available on the market, sometimes on sale on - line, and their websites provide details on how and where to find them and to know more about them. This review gives life to a new publishing product, which is part of the general “Other side of paper for recycling” and will introduce new themes in the future.
We decided to start with kids, who represent a target for an increasing number of products and for whom other products are designed as miniatures of their parents
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