The Other Side of Paper for Recycling: wearing paper

This book of the series “The Other Side of Paper for Recycling”- which reviews Italian and foreign products made of recycled and new paper – includes objects that share two peculiarities: they can be worn and have an elegant look.

It was a pleasure to select these 40 items, including hats, bags and, mostly, jewels. They are obviously high-level craft products, half-way between art and design, as is often the case when working on this thin boundary that produces high added value results, whatever we call it.

The review is not, cannot, and is not intended to be exhaustive.
Some products are made with recycled fibers (such as Italians products entered in the database - www.comieco.org), however, are all made ​​from paper and cardboard, even if at first glance seem to be of other materials.
Are all the products available on the market, sometimes even to buy online; sites, listed at the end of volume, you will find more detailed information on how and where to find them and know them better.
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