How to recycle paper and cardboard

There are still many mistakes made when differentiating paper and cardboard: small oversights and habits that are easy to modify and correct, thus ensuring an increase in the quality of the collection. It is important to know that from 2023 we have an extra help: on each packaging we find the environmental labeling, or the instructions for the correct start to recycling.

So, how and what to put in the container for the start of recycling paper and cardboard? First of all, remember to remove everything that can compromise the quality of recycling. For example, adhesive tape from boxes and pieces of food from food packaging. Separate magazines from the plastic in which they are wrapped. Flatten boxes and cartons, so they take up less space. Always follow the instructions of your Municipality or the appointed manager.

Do not leave anything outside the containers of the separate collection of paper and cardboard and confer:

  • Corrugated cardboard packaging, flattened
  • Cardboard and cardboard boxes for e-commerce, flattened
  • Paper and cardboard boxes for food (e.g.: pasta, rice, biscuits)
  • Cellulose-based boxes of personal hygiene and household products
  • Boxes for shoes and clothing
  • Paper bags (e.g. bread, fruit and vegetables, shopping)
  • Pizza cartons, containers and trays for emptied food, not soaked, without pieces of food
  • Paper cups
  • Food paper
  • Paper napkins and placemats
  • Paper towels
  • Cardboard tubes of toilet paper and other rolls
  • Notebooks, drawing albums, diaries and calendars
  • Newspapers, magazines, comics, photocopies
  • Tickets and betting slips (e.g. public transport, scratch cards)
  • Books (but first think if it can still be useful for someone)
  • For liquid cartons (milk, juices, food) click here
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