Where to throw away tissues?

You might be tempted to throw paper tissues in the paper and cardboard recycling, considering the name that explicitly recalls cellulose…
We tell you right away that it DEPENDS. Let’s look at the various cases together.

Regardless of the use that is made of them, used tissues themselves must be given to the undifferentiated.
The reason is dictated by the danger from a hygienic-sanitary point of view of biological contaminants or chemical substances (such as household detergents or make-up remover products) in these cases the delivery must always be in the undifferentiated.

When should used tissues be put in the wet? Only if it is clearly indicated on the package that they are certified compostable. In any case

Tissues do not “magically dissolve” It should not be necessary, but it is always better to reiterate: tissues - like any other waste - are not abandoned in the environment. Sometimes, when you are for example in the countryside or in a forest, you might mistakenly think that being paper, they will decompose quickly. It’s not true, it can take months. Abandoned tissues pollute the environment. If you use them during a trip, put them in a bag and take them home, or throw them in the first bin you meet on the way back.

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